Dunmore Hill Race 11th June

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Update: Postponed due to adverse weather predictions. Will be held later in the summer.


Who’s feeling fit? Well, get your running shoes prepped for the annual Dunmore Hill Race on 11th June.

Race starts at 11am and entry is only £1.

Dunmore Hill Race
Dunmore Hill Race


We’ve been delving back into our archives, anyone remember which year this was? Recognise anyone? If you’ve got any old photos of FSRC events and activities post them online on our Facebook page or send to fintrysportsclub@gmail.com

For more details about the Dunmore Hill Race or any other event or enquiry, pop in the Sports Club or phone 01360 860 205.


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  1. Gary Marshall

    Officially this isn’t the Hill Race, the youth of Fintry wanted to raise money for the sports centre and we all ran up both hills, Dunmore being the last one in background.
    Who I can see is Paul Carey, The Macadam brothers (Douglas and Murray), Rabindra Roy, The Tall girl who lived near Tom Macadam,James Walker, Lynne McFadgen, James Waler with the strange red head band, I think I am number 11…would love to know some more…

    • Hi Gary,

      Yes, it has been confirmed that the photo is in fact the Fun Run, there has been a great debate on the FSRC Facebook page. If anyone has any photos of the Hill Race and other events, past and recent, do post them up. Planning to make an archive for the website so will be posting more blasts from the past needing identified soon! Thanks for your comment. Jen (webmaster)

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